This page is really for links/resource guide for the hardcore cyclists pedaling across the Pamirs, however for more sedate/short term cycling nearer to Dushanbe it is worth checking the tour agency page as local Dushanbe based operators also often have bikes that can be rented out.

Tour Agencies

Redspokes – running tours through Tajikistan (UK based)

*The Cycle People – Fully supported Pamir Highway cycling

Interactive sites
Check out the Crazy Guy on a Bike website, this is a huge interactive resource with a forum for cyclists going all over the world. This is a very large but simply set out website.

Random / Guides:

Book: The Trailblazer Adventure Cycle-Touring Handbook covers Central Asia, including Tajikistan and the Pamir Highway:

IMBA – International Mountain Bicycling Association

Pamir Highway Road guide

Adventure Cycle Touring Handbook – Worldwide Cycle route and planning guide

Bike Forums

For Cyclists

For starters, there are some very good websites / blogs by cyclists:

* The Totally Knackered Tour quote: ‘Tajikistan was the most strenuous cycling we had ever done, harder than the Karakoram Highway and Bolivia’

*Cycling without borders

*Itchy Wheels – quote: ‘And then there are the Tajik “roads” and they are the most awful, most disgusting, absolutely the WORST dirt ‘tracks’ I have EVER encountered’

*Herman Veldhuizen

*Corax – (starting to get a bit dated now)