If you are a regular to the website you might have spotted this page is very new! I’ve realised that there is probably an interest as to who runs this website and my background.

Who runs the website?

My name is Sophie Willingale. I first went to Tajikistan in 2007 to visit a small charity based in the Khatlon Oblast. In 2008, I drove back to Tajikistan, explored some other routes, tackled the Pamir Highway and then set up the Roof of the World Rally. I continue to run the rally event, which is small and friendly and happily has a very good relationship with the Tajik Authorities.

The Rally generally aims to raise funds towards health and education related charities, increase knowledge of Tajikistan and in the process we are also starting to bring in quality ambulances for Tajik hospitals. The Rally is an annual event that involves teams from the UK and Europe driving to Tajikistan and raising funds that benefit charities working there. The Rally takes me to Tajikistan every year, and I usually try and add on my own travels when there, which is where the Wakhan page originated from.

Tourism is definitely on the rise in Tajikistan and resources are getting better to meet the demand, however when I created this website it was with the intention of meeting a definite need. I’m heartened when I know it’s helped someone and I would like it particularly to benefit local businesses. The website isn’t terribly professional looking or shiny, but that’s simply my website building skills – of which my experience is limited to this website! I’m very interested to hear from people offering to help or wishing to list further information or who can provide a review.

I try to keep the website as up to date as possible and review periodically. However, I can’t do it as much as I’d like. Some of the things I have written may be out of date or subjective. The most important thing to do is double check information and use websites like the FCO as a first port of call.

The aim for the future, is to keep developing and keep adding niche information whenever I can. At some point the website will have to pay for itself and if you have a business that is interested in advertising space then please feel free to drop me a line.

I wish you all the best travels in Tajikistan and I hope, that like myself, you fall in love with the country and take home some fantastic memories.